The day I become a true fan…

Tomorrow comes the national holiday. Merry Super Bowl! fans

I always look forward to watching the Super Bowl. Even if my team, the Steelers, came up short this year. I’m definitely on the Eagles bandwagon, and looking forward to kicking back and watching them beat the Cheatriots.

Athletics are in my DNA, with my uncles, father, and cousin being professional athletes. I was also born into fairly unique environmental conditions, southwestern PA in the late ’70s, that nurtured this genetic predisposition. My entire world was happily sick with Steeler fever. Surely this profoundly impacted the way that I saw the world. Sports are important; a way of life.

But I have a confession.

I simply cannot get excited about professional or even big college sports. I look forward to watching big games and even more so hanging out with my family or friends. I enjoy having a burger and eating nachos. But the games aren’t that important to me. Long gone are the days when big games would give me a hint of the nervous butterflies. These days, I’m able to enjoy the sitting and relaxing, nearly immune to getting worked up over the

Even thinking about sitting on the couch for three hours on a nice fall Sunday is depressing to me. I would rather not go to the stadium. I cannot afford the time or finances involved with getting in. I don’t really know the players or the people behind the organization. I mean, I love the Roony’s and Juju and Antonio and all. But there’s no relationship, so I just don’t care all that much.

I would much rather watch my kids, friends, and clients getting after it. I love keeping up with the local sports scene. I know the athletes and their families, quite of few of them will realistically make it to a big game. My heart leaps when they’re successful and my blood pressure raises when they suffer hardship or perceived injustice on the field. I rehabbed or trained them. We know each other. Caring about all of their games comes easy.

And so that’s the day when I’ll truly care about a big game.

If I helped you overcome pain or a sticking point…

If in your youth I helped you turn into the kind of athlete who makes it to the big game…

…Then I trust that at some point you may have a ticket for me. That will be the day when going to the big game is worth it to me.

…And that’s when I’ll be there, a real fan, fanatical mad man in the stands cheering for you and your team.

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