Bonny Lane Has No Competition

Around five years ago, a potential client inquired about personal training and physical therapy. He was more of a training client, so I emailed him training rates and potential times to meet. He said something to the effect of “That was more than he could pay” (which was fine)…for training in an unofficial setting (which greatly upset me).

As I reflect on my career and growth as a person, I now realize that this single comment set me back about 3 or 5 years. One comment from a single person who may have been making a completely reasonable response from their perspective. That comment caused me to question why I was charging anything at all, and if I was being greedy. I had doubts about the effectiveness and value of training in “just” a basement and back yard.

Since around 2008, I’ve committed time to assist with programming and training for sports performance at Full Reps Training Center (previously GoWags in Camp Hill). But my time there was limited. So I began training a few athletes when I could at the house and back yard, the Bonny Lane Club. It wasn’t long before I realized that my limited time Alithere, too, was in demand. Out of necessity (read as, changes in the health care industry), I began charging a fee, even for “just” training at the house and back yard.


That was five years ago.

Now days, if someone asks about training and complains about fees, I will gladly direct them to call Power Train, NY Fitness, or the local YMCA. Or, they are free to return to the little-monthly-rate – little-results plan, or the fitness flash plan that leans heavily on machines and technology in order to convince someone to actually break a sweat (at best) or to think that they’re being productive without actually working very hard (more likely).

I’ve seen too many beasts, physically and mentally transformed people, literally rise out of…

…consistent, 2 to 3 day per week,

…well thought out but simple exercise programming,

…with use of minimal training gear,

…in a non intimidating and supportive environment.

The BLC training gear appears state-of-the-art as compared to this video of some high level soccer guys running half-hearted down & backs between fairly crappy calisthenics. Then again, I don’t have the right accent to be a high level soccer guy…


Now I understand that it’s okay if some do not really want to work very hard. It’s okay if some are heavily dependent on chrome gadgetry, bright displays, and having every breath logged into their smart phone. It’s okay if they want to pay a premium rate in order to move free weights and accelerate their body on and over fancy rather than…”repurposed” items. Those are not my people.

On a few other occasions, I have come across a handful of people who, rather than train with me, want consultation regarding purchase and use of their own training gear. They want to learn (somewhat) how I do it, then take their “ball” and go home. Truly no offense. These are my brothers and sisters!

You see, the BLC has no competition. At the very least, it’s exceedingly good for me when it feels that way.

Yes. Do it! Grab some gear and a few like-minded friends and neighbors and get after it! I’ll happily provide advice on setting the stage. If you want to train with me for a short time to gather information and learn the general flow of what really works, I’m happy to do that as well.

Or if you have it all figured out and just need a little inspirations. Well then…here ya go!

I’d absolutely love to inspire a wave of anti-corporate training basements and back yards, driveways and local parks, where friends and neighbors meet up and be awesome in the time it takes to pack a bag and drive to the big gym. People hurdling box jump boxes and ottomans, seeing new life in picnic tables, and parading down the street with their dumbbells, kettle bells, and weighted duffel bags. Be generous to the neighbors and please don’t park on their grass ; ) Their stares will go from awkward to endearing.

The BLC proudly offers the following “product”…

Training, accessible and targeted to the individual, simple and effective, but not easy.

Through my years and countless hours of working in the realm of physical therapy and sports performance, this may be one of the most valuable area of expertise that I have to offer.IMG_9898