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Jamie R.

6583bebd-ea8d-40b3-8d11-31b5a3752e71A few months into running again I noticed that my right hip was feeling “out of place” and the more I ran the more it hurt. So I cut back on running and then actually stopped running for a month or so to see if I just needed rest to heal. I tried running again but I still was experiencing the same pain and discomfort, so I called my family Doctor. They saw me, took x-rays, sent me for an MRI, and set me up with an orthopedic Dr. The orthopedic said “You have hip impingement and the only thing that will help is surgery.” He then said I could try some Physical Therapy but there wasn’t much hope there either.

So I let it go for a little while but I refused to believe that Dr. so I found a PT place and started going 3 times a week. I went for a good month or more and wasn’t getting any relief and they did not listen to me about what I was feeling. So I sought a 2nd opinion from a different orthopedic Dr and he said he did not think my pain and discomfort was from hip impingement and I tried PT again at a different facility. I went 2-3 times a week there and still no help or relief in figuring out what was causing the pain.

Then I just kept working out and running here and there when I felt good enough to do so. Then my foot started bothering me. I let that go as well because I did not have faith that my Dr would figure out the problem. But I remembered a running seminar that I had attended at 717Crossfit and the presentation given was about the foot and how running affects it. The presenter was so knowledgeable and passionate that it made an impression on me. I emailed him my story to save time during the evaluation and I was so impressed that he took the time to listen to me. My first appointment was so much better than the previous 2 places I had gone. And after a couple visits, the real problem was discovered. Wow!! That is such a good feeling to finally have an answer and I owe a huge Thanks to Bob for being there and listening and figuring it out.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text delay=”0″]


4d14c367-f394-43d1-9c9e-0ca9370a593bAfter 8 months wearing a back brace and being restricted to a sedentary lifestyle as a junior in high school, getting the clearance from my doctor to start physical therapy was some of the best news I had ever gotten: I was finally going to get back to an active lifestyle just in time for lacrosse season. Little did I know this would mean sitting in a crowded clinic, being given a rehab plan designed for someone with an AARP membership, and listening to an out-of-shape physical therapist tell me I should set realistic goals like being able to walk my dog. That’s when I found Bob Gorinski’s name. I remember showing up to Bob’s clinic and within fifteen minutes I was doing push-ups. It was the first time I had broken a sweat in almost a year. Bob saved me.

Bob helped me fully recover from a serious back injury while also bringing my fitness to a level that far exceeded where I was pre-injury. Not only this, but I loved every session I had with him, and I was back to lacrosse before my former physical therapist thought it would be okay for me to walk my dog. When lacrosse season ended, Bob took the time to train me outside of his clinic so that I returned next season stronger and faster than I had ever been in my life. I was recognized as a U.S. Lacrosse Academic All-American that season, and it would not have been possible without Bob.

Bob is not only a great physical therapist; he is also a great person. Sporting a 6-pack that makes the cast of 300 look like Homer Simpson, Bob is the most humble and kind person I know. As an overconfident seventeen year old who thought he knew everything, I was extremely lucky to get to spend time with Bob. He was the perfect role model for me and I attribute a significant amount of my success in college and graduate school to the lessons he taught me, and those I learned from watching him. I also know for a fact that my experience is not unique.
To put it simply, Bob is the best physical therapist and trainer I know, and anyone who has the opportunity to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge, skill, and experience he possesses, should definitely do so- I promise you will not regret it.

Scott Edwards

ScottEdwards300I started going to Cardin and Miller PT’s Mechanicsburg office a few years ago after experiencing foot pain and shin splints while training for a half marathon. What struck me upon my first visit was how Dr. Robert Gorinski introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Bob. Come on back.” That’s definitely the first time I have had a doctor make an introduction using their first name. But that’s just Bob. Bob has no ego, never seems too busy or distracted. He takes a genuine interest in knowing what pain, symptoms, or setbacks occur at any given time, so that he can provide the appropriate course of action.

Having been plagued with knee and back problems over the past ten years after tearing my MCL and having back surgery, I can certainly say that Bob has played a huge role in helping me to resume working out and training after experiencing setbacks. Bob’s rehab suggestions always involve an active recovery approach that works toward improving strength and mobility as soon as possible. He even takes time outside of work to follow up with me to see how I’m doing and to ensure I am progressing. I have never experienced anything like that with any other care provider.

My experience with everyone at Cardin and Miller PT, from Denise at the front desk to Bob, and to everyone else has been great. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Thank you.

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